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Columbia welcomes you! We have an amazing diversity of historic places! Explore more online and hear the rich history of our amazing communities!

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Selected Points of Interest


The Blanks Adams House


This historic home proudly stands on the corner of Wall St and Boatner. While it is not open to the public it is a marvel of historic architecture.



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Brandin House


More information coming soon...


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The Captains Quarters


This wonderful local B&B was moved and is open to the public to stay. Find out more


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The Cemetery on the Hill


This amazing place provides a reflection back to the founding of Columbia and the countless untold stories in every family.


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The Eglin House


More information to come...


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Gentilly House


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The Martin Homeplace


Transport yourself to 17th century Louisiana and experience folklife customs and northern Louisiana lifestyles from the 1800s.



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McKeithen Law Office


The law office of the former Governor of Louisiana John Julian McKeithen. Governor McKeithen was a lawyer, politician, and the 49th governor of Louisiana, serving from 1964 to 1972.


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The Meditation Chapel


This unbelievable collection of art and religious artifacts is a hidden gem in Columbia!


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First United Methodist Church


The green church welcomes you. For over 100 years the green church has been welcoming people to worship in Caldwell Parish. We hope that you will join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.


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Synope House


The Reynolds Family home in Columbia, La.

Synope is not open to the public.


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Places to Eat in Columbia, La


La Bamba Mexican Restaurant

7194 US-165, 502-1520


The Barn Home Cooking

239 Martin Luther Street, 649-2306


Fontenot’s Cajun Way

8517 Hwy 165, 649-9971


Grayson Seafood & Steak House

9394 Hwy 165, 649-7996


Jan’s Lakeside Restaurant

3675 Hwy 4 East, 649-0088


Johnny’s Pizza House

7589 US Hwy 165, 723-7689


Mad Jacks Louisiana Kitchen

6924 Hwy 165, 649-5167



7535 US Hwy 165, 649-8811


Popeye’s Fried Chicken

7213 US Hwy 165, 649-7005


Sonic Drive-In

7211 US Hwy 165, 649-7146



6910 US 165, 502-5032


Columbia Coffee Shop

112 Main Street, 649-0105


Excel Mart #5

7701 Highway 165, 649-3050

Excel Mart #8

125Ballpark Rd, 649-5889

Excel Mart #3

6906 Highway 165, 649-7003


7719 Highway 165, 649-0273


Village Grocery

9097 Highway 165, Grayson, 502-1143




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Driving Audio Tour -

Selected Points of Interest